Ace of Coins



Health, wealth, practicality, receiving

Range of Meaning

Light: Outlining a plan for achieving prosperity. Becoming aware of opportunities to improve income or health. Realizing you have everything you need. Appreciating everything the Universe has given you. Receiving the perfect gift at the perfect time.

Shadow: Indulging in relentless consumerism. Wanting more, no matter how much you have. Obsessing on your account balance. Suffering from hypochondria. Consuming blessings without expressing gratitude. Taking what you want without concern for the needs of others.


Numerology: 1 (The Origin: the starting point, the seed, opportunity)

Astrology: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Affirmation: “I am open to and thankful for my blessings.”

Story: At the last minute, the Main Character stumbles on a resource that will enable him or her to triumph.


Relationships. While money and sex can be used to “buy” attention, they cannot purchase true love. An opportunity to have what you’ve always wanted (at least, in a physical sense) may or may not satisfy your craving for genuine affection. The motive behind a gift means more than the gift itself.

Work. An opportunity to earn more money or work in better conditions may come your way. As always, though, you must balance this against the requirements and constraints of such a position. Money is important, but not all-important. Weigh all your options before making a choice.

Spirituality. Your spiritual path should influence how you see the physical world, coloring attitudes about everything from possessions to your own body. Ponder the higher purpose your physical resources should play. What are you doing to use them to advance the greater good?

Personal Growth. The dream of the world offers us many shiny baubles and hypnotic pleasures, and most of us live in cultures that celebrate acquisition. An opportunity to possess more may come your way. To prevent imbalance, have your ethics clearly in mind, and be prepared to manage your new resources wisely.

Fortune Telling. Your health will improve. The check you’re looking for really is in the mail.

When? In the Winter.

Symbols and Insights

The Hand of God. On RWS-inspired decks, a heavenly hand extends from the clouds, offering the viewer the suit’s distinctive marker. When opportunity comes your way, take advantage of it; the hand that extends an offer can always withdraw it.

Coins as Symbols. As a suit marker, Coins suggest practicality and physicality. Their domain extends beyond money and finance to all physical things, including the human body. Coins explore your attitude toward resources of all kinds: what you’ve been given, and what you do with it.

Pentacles. In RWS-influenced decks, Coins are often called Pentacles. A pentacle’s design (with the upright star in the middle) reminds us that physical blessings, from possessions to our bodies, are to be used for higher purposes. In your own life, how often do you focus on “the star in the coin?”

The Nature of the Ace. Compressed into the Ace are all the qualities of all the other cards of the suit. In this way, the Ace can be said to be the “root” or “seed” of its associated element. How might your situation contain the seeds of physical growth or financial prosperity?

Your First Impressions. When you see the Ace, what’s your first impression? Is the Coin in a display case, elaborately decorated but out of reach? Is it being offered … or taken away? Will the Hand of God freely give it … or snatch it from your grasp? If you take this Coin, how long before you get another?

Questions to Ask

  • If I made my decision based solely on practical concerns, what would my decision be?
  • What resources are available to me?
  • What will be the physical and financial impact of my decisions?