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Golden Thread Tarot

Written by Mark McElroy

Digital minimalism and faux Egyptian themes combine in this 21st century deck.

Update: The Golden Thread Tarot is now available as a boxed, printed edition for $40.00 USD. Get yours here.

What began as a literal “draw a card a day” project — pulling a card each day and then creating a sketch per day based on that card — became the Golden Thread Tarot.

Card illustrations mix faux-Egyptian themes with quirky modern commentary (a pig in a suit, for example, hoards the coins on the Three of Pentacles), with all images rendered in blue and gold line art. Artist Tina Gong positions the deck as a practical tool for analysis and reflection, with “no creepy voodoo here, pinky swear.”

The most intriguing thing to me about the deck? You can try out the Golden Thread Tarot as a free app; if you like it, you can purchase a printed copy. In the digital age, this really should be the model more deck creators follow: pixels first to build a user base, followed by print for those who love the work.

A storefront for the deck is online now, where you can see animated previews, download the free app, and purchase the printed deck.

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