Circadian Tarot

Written by Mark McElroy

The Circadian Tarot is not a Tarot deck, but a Tarot book in the purest sense of that term: a book, featuring 78 images from Michelle Blade’s Circadian Tarot. Instead of shuffling cards and picking one to get your card of the day, you simply open the book at random, view the image, and read the associated passage.

In addition to being a nice stocking-stuffer, the book — especially in this day of quick and easy digital book publication — should give some other Tarot artists ideas about ways to share their unpublished decks with the world. For that matter, why isn’t more Tarot art available (often cramped and hindered by the relatively small format most cards are published in) in the form of a lavishly illustrated coffee table book?

The featured image, The Moon, remains the property of the artist, and is reproduced here only to encourage appreciation and purchase of her work. 

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