The Text of A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings Belongs to You!

Written by Mark McElroy

I’ve written a detailed, comprehensive book called A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings.

But here’s the real news: I’ve released the text of this book into the public domain, so it’s free for anyone to use in any way. You can integrate the content into iOS and Android apps, your own books, or your own classroom materials. These meanings belong to you — and to everyone — forever.

Though the text is free, this book doesn’t skimp on content. It’s 46,500 words long, and, if printed, it would have more than 300 pages.

For every card in the deck, _A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings_ supplies:

– three or four simple keywords
– a range of meanings, from light to shadow
– correspondences to archetypes, cabala, numerology, astrology, myth, spiritual traditions, timing, and story structure
– specific advice for relationships, work, spirituality, personal growth, and fortune-telling
– detailed exploration of key symbols
– exploration questions to help readers explore the card’s meaning for themselves.

The full text of the book can be downloaded for free as a .TXT file at

This clean, unformatted text is easy to format and integrate into whatever applications you can imagine.

If you use the text, I request (but I don’t require) that you build good karma by noting where it came from: “Tarot card meanings in this work were written by Mark McElroy. Find out more at” But doing this is entirely optional.

I’ve also formatted and published a version of this text as a Kindle ebook, making it available on for just $4.99. Each time someone buys that ebook, I get $3.00 of the purchase price. You can buy it here:

The text is also available as a beautifully illustrated PDF with a hyperlinked table of contents for just $5.00. When someone buys the PDF, I get $4.70 of the purchase price. You can buy it here:

When you buy one these products, you’ll be supporting more projects like this one.

Over time, I’ll be releasing other materials based on this text, including Tarot classroom aids, lesson plans, and apps. These will always be made available at low, reasonable prices. The text itself, of course, will always be available in some format for free … forever.

I would love to see material from A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings used in a clever Tarot-reading app.

I would love to see the book translated into other languages and made available at low, reasonable prices.

I would love to see others inspired to share their work more freely!

I get a lot of pleasure out of making what I hope will be a lasting contribution to the Tarot community. Please help spread the word by sharing this link with your own Tarot tribe:

I greatly appreciate your support — and I can’t wait to see what you will do with A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings.

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