Now in Print – A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

Written by Mark McElroy

I hadn’t planned to create a print version of A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings. But after several readers said they preferred printed reference books to ebooks of PDFs, I worked with the good folks at CreateSpace to put together a beautiful printed version of the book.

Inside, you’ll find the same text and images as the ebook. And, of course, the text of the book remains in the public domain, so you’re free to take any and all of the information in the book and use it in any way you see fit!

I’ve been really transparent about the pricing for this book, and I want to continue that practice with the printed version. While the Kindle version and the PDF sell for five bucks each, the print version sells for $14.99 (though frequently discounts that price).

The print version┬ácosts more for several reasons, mostly related to the cost of printing and shipping physical books. also sets a minimum price for books created through CreateSpace (to make sure they recover costs). Whenever you buy the book, I get $4.71 cents of the amount you pay. (And don’t forget: the unformatted .txt version of the book is, and always will be, free to download and use in any way you see fit.)

I really appreciate your continued support of the first public-domain guide to Tarot card meanings … and of my work! Each purchase you make goes toward funding more great books like this one. Please consider ordering the print or electronic versions today!

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