Ariel Hart’s Lisa Frank Tarot

Written by Mark McElroy

If you’re looking for a majors-only deck featuring rainbow unicorns, your search is over.

Because I was never a pre-teen girl, I was never even aware of Lisa Frank.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Lisa Frank’s designs — characterized by rainbow hues, psychedelic sparkles, and impossibly cute animals — generated a non-stop flow of merchandise: bubblegum machines, sticker books, jewelry, t-shirts, stuffed animals, denim jackets … you name it. These items were apparently must-haves for young teens at the time; today, they continue to appeal to a new generation of young women (and their nostalgic mothers).

The Internet is all aflutter today over artist Ariel Hart’s Lisa Frank Tarot, which fuses Lisa Frank’s style and characters with the energies of the Tarot trumps. There’s no deck to order; instead, you’re expected to be crafty enough to print your own cards from images in this Huffington Post article.

With its Rainbow Panda Emperor, Disco DJ Bear Fool, and Tropical Banana Devil cards (by the way, folks, that pentagram on the Devil’s hat should be inverted — just sayin’), this deck is definitely not my personal cup of tea. But if you have an affinity for Lisa Frank’s designs (and you can learn more about them here), you’ll want to print these out with the most vivid inks you can find, schedule a sleep-over, and start telling breathless rainbow-hued fortunes immediately.

Image Credit: Huffington Post and Ariel Hart. Reproduction here is strictly for promotional purposes, and no infringement is intended.

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