A Guide to Tarot Card Readings

Written by Mark McElroy

Inside A Guide to Tarot Card Readings, you’ll find step-by-step techniques for reading cards with accuracy and confidence, plus insider insights and applications for the deck you won’t find anywhere else.


Choose a Deck. From hundreds of decks on the market, find one you’ll love.

Design Spreads. Create layouts of cards to enhance meanings and see them in context.

Learn to Read. Follow step-by-step instructions to gain insights for yourself and others.

Avoid Cons. Learn to protect yourself from con artists posing as Tarot readers.

Tarot History. Explore a brief (true!) history of the deck that few people know.

New Apps. Extend your skills with 13 additional fun applications for Tarot cards.

Best of all, this book’s unique approach honors both practical and mystical approaches to the cards — so A Guide to Tarot Card Readings helps you begin reading cards in the way that works best for you.

Ways to Read the Book

Because I want everyone to be able to read the book, it’s available in multiple formats:

Free Plain Text. Use this bare-bones format to copy and paste the text into your own work more easily. It’s also a great option for previewing the text before making a purchase.


$5.00 PDF. You can download, read, and print the entire book as a beautifully-illustrated, full-color PDF file — a readable on almost every electronic device on the planet.


$2.99 Kindle e-Book. Download the entire book and read it on the most popular e-book platform in the world. Includes the full text of the book at an affordable price.


$9.99 Paperback. If you’re like me, you love highlighting and underlining your reference books! The print edition is available for Prime shipping on right now.


Thank you so much. Your support makes it possible for me to continue to offer my books in ways that make them more accessible and sharable than ever before.

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